Naseem Shayota

About United Wireless CEO Naseem Shayota

Naseem’s interest in wireless products and technologies began over 20 years ago when
he opened the first location of United Wireless in Warren, Michigan.

Back then, the store offered just cellular phones and multiple phone plans from a
variety of wireless carriers.

“It seems like so long ago (when we opened our first location) and it has been an incredible journey since then.”

He has grown the company since then engraining bedrock principles in the organization
that include:

• Rewarding valuable contributions made by employees
• Doing the right thing every time
• Celebrating important victories
• Making a difference for the customer

Today, United Wireless stands as a leader in the wireless industry with over 70 locations
throughout Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky offering T-Mobile products and services that
include: smartphones, tablet pc’s, smart watches, voice and data plans, and a variety of
In addition to its locations, the company has sub-dealers throughout the Midwest that
also offer products and services from the T-Mobile brand to their customers.

Regarding what the future holds for United Wireless, Naseem believes that the power of
the 5G network signal from T-Mobile will play a huge factor in how users connect and

share information throughout the United States. With devices from Apple, Samsung, T-
Mobile, LG and OnePlus also becoming more integrated, the future of wireless looks

bright...and connected!

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